70th Australian Intervarsity Choral Festival, Adelaide: 10–20 January 2019 70th AIVCF, Adelaide: 10–20 January 2019


Social events

Social events are probably the most anticipated aspect of the festival, maybe even more than the concert! There are a number of social events that are traditionally held at IVs. Here are a few.

Opening night party

The theme of our festival is Northern Lights, and we invite you to bring a costume to match—think astronomical, think celestial bodies, think cool natural phenomena. The sky’s the limit! This will be held on the first night of camp.


A talent night/variety show, held at camp. We welcome all kinds of acts: society, group or individual; funny, intentionally or otherwise; serious or seriously bad; fully-rehearsed or halfremembered. This will be held on the last night of camp.

Pub nights

Pub night venues in Adelaide are to be decided, but will be in the CBD and close to public transport. These are relaxed events and drinking is totally optional—treat them like an opportunity to catch up with friends old and new.

Academic dinner

The highlight of the social calendar, a starstudded evening in the beautiful Ayers House Conservatory. Dress to impress! This will be held on 16 January 2019.

Post concert party

Give yourselves a round of applause and buy yourselves a round. You’ve earned it! This will be held at the Caledonian Hotel in North Adelaide after the concert.

Farewell barbecue

All good things must come to a deliciously calorific, sunshiney end. Enjoy a glorious Adelaide day in the company of all the friends that you’ve made over the last ten days.