70th Australian Intervarsity Choral Festival, Adelaide: 10–20 January 2019 70th AIVCF, Adelaide: 10–20 January 2019


Merchandise are available for purchase by visiting www.aiv.org.au/home.

Adelaide IV 2019 festival photograph

$15. This photograph is available to registrants.

Adelaide IV 2019 festival concert recording

$15. This is provided on USB medium

Adelaide IV 2019 festival water bottle

Large size (740 mL) is $20, small size (500 mL) is $18.

A metallic water bottle in your choice of colour (Red, green, blue, orange, black), with the festival cathedral logo etched and optionally your name.

Adelaide IV 2019 festival wine glass

$5 each. The festival logo is printed on them.

Adelaide IV 2019 festival T shirt

$30. The shirt is purple with silver print displaying the festival cathedral logo against a starry background on front.

Size charts are here and here.

Adelide IV 2019 festival tote bag

$15. The bag is black with the festival print on its side.